Yes, I'm that confident. 

This is the only meal plan you will ever need.


Are you tired of starving on meal plans under 2000 calories a day?

You stop caring about everything when you binge.
The binge-brain takes over and suddenly nothing else matters. You cram in fatty health-destroying foods like chocolate, crisps and fried foods. You then feel guilty so calorie restriction follows.

You are quite confused when buying  groceries. With so many choices at the store you are lost when it comes to what to eat. Your choices are usually based
on convenience and taste rather than health. 

You are sick of unsustainable starvation plans. You've tried various meal plans and diets only to be left weak, depressed and binge-prone. You want to eat unlimited food.

Sometimes you feel like giving up. You are beyond frustrated with fluctuating weight and declining health. You just want
a sustainable plan that works. 

You want options that are convenient
but also tasty, and healthy. You don't want complicated recipes with 50 ingredients. 

You want to eat ALL the carbs and are sick of low carb diets but are afraid carbs are fattening and unhealthy.

Can you relate? 

the problem

You will receive a fully itemised shopping list that corresponds to the meal plan. The hard part is done for you, just take the list to the store and load up.

full corresponding shopping list

You will have access to many unique recipes created by myself. You can be confident that they are well-tested to stop the binge and maintain a healthy weight .

recipes included

Everything is calculated for you. I will give you a full breakdown of the calories and macros of each meal and day. 

all calories and macros included

My meal plans are not generic one-size-fits-all. They are specially design by me based on your unique physiology. No two plans are the same.

designed with your body in mind.

I have a policy of only eating not only healthy food but yummy food. Rest assured these recipes will be tasty and satisfying. 

only tasty meals.
no boring food.

I am now offering a fruit-based meal plan service. I've been following a fruit-based diet for 17 years. It's safe to say I'm very experienced with healthy meal planning. My plans will include:


meal plan is fully hyperlinked

The meal plan you receive will be in a PDF form with all meals  hyperlinked to corresponding full colour recipes for
ease of use.  

My "Binge-free belly" meal plans

My plans are personalised to suit your preferences including any intolerances, likes and dislikes. What's in season and more. This will ensure an enjoyable experience.

fully personalised
meal plans

Why choose a fruit-based plan?

You get to eat unlimited food. On my binge-free belly meal plans you will not be required to limit your food intake. Actually, I will insist you eat more. No more starving on 1200 cals a day!

Overcome binging permanently.  
I am not kidding. This is the answer to your bloated binge-prone belly. If you follow the meal plan I design for you then you will stop thinking about cakes, chocolate and various junk foods. Time to regain control at meal time! 

Weight loss for life. Yep, THIS is it. You can finally stop searching. You have found the answer to your weighty issues. Due to the low fat, high carb nature of these meal plans your body will eventually release all excess fat. Your metabolism will heal as you no longer starve yourself and cause fat-preservation by the body. In other words, your body begins to trust you again.

Best suits your physiology
Humans are physiologically frugivorous animals meaning nature designed our species to eat a diet predominated by fruit. The binge-free belly meal plans largely reflect our natural diet therefore produce the best healthiest results for our body and mind. Animals in nature don't have weight issues for a reason. They are eating their natural diets, and so should you. 

The healthiest diet possible. Not only is this the most slimming diet around, it's also the healthiest. I routinely have blood tests (and post to YouTube) which show excellent results after 17 years following my meal plans. Rest assured you are going to be nourishing your body and mind with the healthiest nutrition available. Followers of a fruit-based diet often report new hair growth, stronger nails, clearer eyes, smooth shiny skin and of course long term - a slim binge-free belly.

Why choose a
fruit-based plan?

binge-free belly

Jump straight in and fill out my online food form with your preferences, so I can design you the perfect plan.

Tell me what foods you love and hate...

My plans include a wide variety of delicious meals that you can mix and match.


Some meal 
Savoury raw dishes
Rawtill4 dinners
Sweet raw meals
Rice-Rich Meals
Pasta & Pizza
Breakfast Smoothies



Some Meal
Raw food
Sweet treats
Fruity dishes
Raw till 4

5. You receive your
new meal plan

4. I design your plan

2. I receive your form
& payment.

1. You fill out the form

meal plan creation

How it works

You will be required to fill out a form detailing your statistics and preferences. You will indicate which meal plan you want or pay directly through the site. 

I will contact you once I receive your filled form or payment. If you haven't paid yet now you will be directed to payment.

I will design the meal plan. This may take me days depending on the length of plan needed.

Once I have matched your requirements and completed the plan I will email it to you.

I will read over your detailed application form and take notes about your needs. This can be quite a big time commitment.

3. I assess your form.

You only get one body. 
One place to live.
Respect it, or else
one day you will
be homeless...


save your sanity 

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This is not just another diet. You are beginning a new life. You are recreating yourself on a foundation of fresh living foods. Are you ready for the next level??

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