to have more energy, feel more confident about your body & never binge again??

wouldn't it feel

Are you sick and tired of waking up each day feeling...



hung over?



You can never stick to diets and end up binging on junk food. Any weight you lose comes straight back.

You often think about food even after you've just eaten. You rarely feel fully satisfied and often feel ashamed of your eating habits.

You're over 200lbs, bloated and sick of it. You've struggled with your weight for years and nothing seems to work for you. You are sick of restricting calories. 

You want to be healthy but keep sabotaging your efforts. No matter how much discipline you use your plan fails.

You know you deserve better but lost as to where to find it. There's a fire still burning strong within and you just need the right support.

Does this sound familiar?

the problem

You are not fat.
You just HAVE fat. It's a temporary state. Don't make it your identity.

I was a mess. It became normal for me to spend evenings alone binging on a loaf of bread and honey or on a whole BBQ chicken. I would feel guilty and throw some food in the bin only to pull it out later and eat it. I struggled with anorexia, bulimia, drugs, and depression. By following a fruit-based diet or more specifically - The Raw till 4 Diet - I’ve finally found peace, balance, and purpose. I’ve overcome IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), Chronic fatigue syndrome, acne, hypothyroidism, depression and lost over 40lbs of excessive blubber. Fruit saved me.

At 25 years old, I was binging and purging almost daily. It was a nightmare.

My Journey

2023 - 43 yrs

2005- 25yrs


Each week we will work together on developing suitable meals. This isn't a meal-plan service but a side benefit to the coaching. 

fruit-based diet redesign

You will receive access to a vault of over 40 of my private diet and lifestyle related videos.

access to exclusive content

In addition, every day I will answer via audio two of your questions. Any questions are permitted. 

 your questions answered

You will take photos and record everything you eat each day of the coaching. At the end of each day you will send it to me for detailed audio feedback. 

1:1 daily food diary assessment 

Every day of the coaching I will be in your inbox personally holding you accountable for what you eat. No days off. No excuses.

1:1 daily coaching via instagram chat

 With my 17 years experience on a fruit-based diet I can show you exactly HOW to thrive on this diet and completely stop binging.
My coaching includes:

My Binge-free belly program.


support from an expert & celebrity

You will receive rarely-offered daily support in your pocket from a well-known expert in the field of fruit-based nutrition. 

Fill out my detailed questionaire to help me better understand your situation and needs. 

Tell me more about yourself.


"Freelee and a fruit-based diet helped me to stop counting calories, stop binging, purging, restricting. It helped me to start living, unrestricted and happily. I no longer drink caffeine for ‘energy’. I owe Freelee so much. I have tried to follow other plant based as well as vegan diet plans and the only one that was able to help me stay on this ethical path without falling off WAS a HIGH fruit diet. Thank you Freelee!"

Thanks to Freelee's guidance I
dropped over 200 lbs!

Results are in!

Jenna G.

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The Healthy Life RX is a total game changer!


Iceland typewriter hot chicken, affogato tbh yuccie fanny pack pinterest portland hell of coloring book street art marfa. Shoreditch air plant squid, pop-up chambray kale chips actually brunch humblebrag mixtape occupy cornhole. 

This course helped me take control of my health and now I'm 2 sizes smaller and feel amazing!

I've maintained the same weight for over 12 years. 

I am healed of binge-eating for over 15 years. 

I haven't had stimulants like coffee in over 17 years.  

I don't EVER restrict my calories and don't expect you to. 

I do not exercise excessively and don't expect you to. 

I haven't had weight loss surgery, my results are natural and sustainable.

I have posted excellent healthy blood tests online.
No hiding my true health status. 

Hire me with confidence knowing...

my guarantee to you

my guarantee to you

Finally have a plan that works for long term fat loss WITHOUT calorie restriction. Keep the weight off effortlessly without feeling hungry!

Fat loss for life


You will be properly nourished and have the brain fuel to feel good about yourself. Begin to reverse mental illness and self-sabotage through a fruit-based diet. 

Real self-love, finally.


I am a nutritionist with 17 years experience eating a fruit-based diet and assisting others in succeeding.
You are going straight to the
best in the business.

Learn from the best


You will be so nourished on a fruit-based diet that quickly you will forget all about chocolate, crisps and cakes. You will receive new healthy tasty meal ideas that transform your tastebuds and stop cravings.   

No more binging


Finally achieve food freedom! Depending on the duration chosen you will completely reset your eating habits and overall diet. No need to look any further, you've found the answer!

Reset your diet & life


After receiving your filled application form I will personally assess your current health and eating habits. Any recommendations I give will be then customised for you. 

Personalised support


What you
can expect

What's on offer

Valued at $30

10 days worth of carefully curated high carb dinners to keep you satisfied. Quantities included and a clear visual example of each plate. 

Complimentary ebook: 10 binge-busting plates


In Addition To The VIP coaching, You'll Walk Away With...




save your sanity 

The 14 day

  • Full diet reset.
  • Binge-free results.
  • New healthy habits formed.


save $250

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30 days new you!

* coaching sessions are non-refundable.


Time to reset

7 day intensive
with Freelee

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Coaching FAQs

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will I need to buy any rare fruits or foods?



what outcome should I expect from this coaching?

Yes, I'm a nutritionist and a coach but I'm still just a human with a past of disordered eating.
I get you.

The question isn't if you can afford coaching, but rather, can you afford to STAY in your current situation?

Your time is now

Daily support from an expert in the industry who will hold you accountable every day.

Unique meal ideas that will lead to long term weight loss.

The secret recipe to stop binging forever and start feeling in control at meal time.

The opportunity to reset your diet and learn how to lose the excess weight for good.

Getting those burning questions answered by a fruit-based nutritionist with 17 years experience. 

This is what you will miss if you don't get coaching:

still on the fence?

A new service I'm offering is creating fully personalised fruit-based meal plans. After filling out a detailed application I will design a meal plan just for you, with your needs in mind. No two plans are identical.  

I have written three very popular ebooks. One about mastering my famous Raw Till 4 diet. Another about succeeding on a Fully Raw vegan Frugivore diet called "Go Fruit Yourself". Lastly, "My Naked Lunchbox" which not only includes cooked lunchbox recipes but also female empowerment. 

Ebooks about succeeding on a fruit-based diet. 


master the fruit-based diet from an expert in the field

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Customised fruit-based meal Plan

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find out more

find out more

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